2 June 2013

Sunday links #11

1 CityMapper
This genius app might just solve every single logistical London nightmare. Available for free on both Apple and Android, this is more than just a m-app - it gives you all the information you could possibly ask for. Features include live status of all your nearest bus stops, tube stops, train stations; all possible ways to get home (or anywhere else), how much it'll cost, how long it'll take, the number of calories you'll burn if you walk/cycle/jetpack it, and the weather when you get there; and even where the nearest Boris Bike Bank is and how many bikes are left. It's a really obvious premise but CityMapper is the first app to combine all features into one slick application.

2 Uncomfortable
Emilio, a Michael Jackson impersonator from Rome, dances his way around the city for this short by We Cross The Line. Set to some nice synth-y music, I just love watching the fluidity of his moves.

3 J Arthur?
This cheeky advert for Channel 4's Mating Season follows a lonely tortoise looking for love. Stick with it - it's probably the first (and last) time you've ever seen a tortoise putting his head through a glory hole and headbutting a dildo...

4 You either love it or you hate it
The comments on BBC Good Food's marmite on toast recipe are brilliant.

5 Ampergram
Gone are the days of painstakingly cutting out individual letters from the newspaper to create that mismatched poison pen letter. Ampergram takes instagrammed letters and creates a new typography for you to play with.

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