12 February 2013

Five for...February

Back on my Tumblr, I wrote about 'doing more stuff' this year and, of course, mid-month February seems to a logical time as any to start... So I'm setting myself an ambitious five things to do each month (with a typically risible half-month disadvantage) starting with these prime examples. I might as well throw myself in headfirst, right?

1 Make homemade ravioli
I'm a total sucker for pasta and I'm drawn to anything Italian-inspired on menus, so I think its high-time I put my culinary skills to use and try and make my own. Seeing as I have a house of at least three (often more) hungry/willing/brave participants to test my new-found creations, I've got no excuse.

2 Drink at Portside Parlour
Living in the heart of London Fields, two streets behind Broadway Market, I'm spoilt for bars, restaurants and a fab Saturday market or two right on my doorstep. There's never any shortage of places to go - Pub on the Park, Bella Vita, I'm looking at you - but this week a pop-up has, well, popped up and being rum-based, it's right up my street... Portside Parlour is apparently hidden behind a secret door, manifesting itself as an old-fashioned WC, lit by candlelight and serving killer cocktails. Perfect for combatting a bit of midweek prohibition.

3 Watch something being filmed/put on/recorded
Its been a while since I've had a good dose of live culture. Easy to say, but there's definitely nothing like the ripple of expectation and atmosphere when you're part of an audience. Living in London, there's always something going on - from the classic Les Miserables on the corner of my road at work to a literary salon at Shoreditch House - and its about time I took advantage.

4 Go see a DJ
This is something that's long overdue. I used to spend a huge part of my university life dancing the night away but, having graduated and now working full time, this is something that's - shamefully - fallen off the radar. Dancing at Vogue Fabrics, Efe's or The Dolphin is not the same, and New Year's Eve's love-in with Stanton Warriors was a whole six weeks ago...

5 Treat myself
I've been at my current job eleven months today (and I'm already surreptitiously planning my 'birthday' next month). Just before Christmas, I was promoted and received a payrise...and a couple of weeks ago, I got a further payrise. I'm incredibly lucky and grateful to be in a job I really enjoy with lots of amazing opportunities (and renumeration), and apart from saving for a fabulous summer holiday, I'm going to treat myself with this month's paycheck. Just what on, I'm not quite sure yet.

So...my first five. Here's to doing more stuff.

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