16 June 2013

Sunday links #12

1 Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter...and 36 others
Ibis Hotels broke the cardinal rule of not working with animals to bring 40 adorable bunnies together to test out the comfort of the 'Sweet Bed'. Music from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, courtesy of a melodic Richard Hawley - this is an ad that you just can't help but coo over. 

2 Hablas espanol?
After seeing Gem tweet about it, I've been addicted to Duolingo - a free app that eases you into becoming a polyglot. One of my 25 before 25 goals (post coming soon) is to learn another language (although I totally should brush up my degree-level French) and this has been the perfect starter so far. Using a combination of different exercises to get you reading, writing, speaking and listening the language, it's perfect for those bus journeys home or those late nights post-Made In Chelsea...although I do get a little embarrassed chanting the words 'Soy un hombre' on a busy 55.

3 Keep on the grass
The Click Design's brilliant signs for The National Trust are an inspired and playful take on those all too familiar prohibitions that comes hand in hand with anything remotely lovely. Nature's Playground revamps the stuffiness and encourages you to 'Keep on the grass' and 'Please do sit here'. I'm looking forward to seeing these crop up in more places.

4 Dumb Ways To Die
You've probably seen this railway-safety ad doing the rounds but it's recently been awarded a D&AD award for its creativity. A catchy, watchable cartoon aims to banish the old PSA-style warnings with something more engaging, memorable and hopefully successful. You can also download the song on iTunes and sing it to your friends when they're doing something a little bit ridiculous.

5 Treasure
I just can't get enough of Bruno Mars' new song Treasure. A ridiculously catchy riff, harking back to the classic disco/funk tracks that I grew up on, Mars is definitely part of this 2013 disco revival. Daft Punk's Get Lucky may have brought it to the limelight this year but the return has been quietly bubbling away for a couple of years and I couldn't be happier.

Bonus track: My soundtrack of the summer, I cannot get enough of Chris Malinchak's So Good To Me and If U Got It. If you listen to one thing today, make it this guy and get spirited away to those balmy summer evenings on the beach - Ibiza, I'm coming to get you!

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