28 April 2015


There are a lot of incredible cocktail bars in London but I think I've found the best. A stone's throw away from Old Street roundabout, you'll find a large wooden door between two nondescript cafes - blink and you'll miss it if you don't look out for the small gold plaque with an etched black bird.

Once in and downstairs, you'll find yourselves in a prohibition, speakeasy bar adorned with trinkets and objets just dying to be investigated. Dimly lit nooks and crannies are great for cosying up in while the booths at the back are perfect for four and give you an ideal view of the live blues band. The bar itself is wooden with an impressive array of bottles behind it but it's the barmen who really bring the magic to life here.
The cocktails are divided into five areas - pre-Prohibition (1880-1918), Prohibition (1918-1932), Post-War (1932-now), Nightjar signatures and those great for sharing, but you'll barely notice these divisions as you'll be captivated by the concoctions themselves.

Now, between four of us we managed to get through a staggering 30 different cocktails. Perhaps not the most responsible of activities but all in the name of research, I'm sure you'll agree? I was in the market for dessert-like drinks rather than my usual whisky based wonders and I wasn't disappointed as two of my choices were amongst my favourites...

The others ordered from the fantastical menus and received teacups of booze with chocolate covered bacon, concoctions served in baobab roots, martini glasses with edible seaweed, chocolate spoons and ceramic jars topped with a flaming absinthe soaked sponge. Every single thing we ordered came out with the most impeccable presentation and differed from the one before. We shared a Rochester Press that came steaming in two french presses and a Rosedale Punch served in a large metal owl. This place kept the surprises coming thick and fast.

We sipped and supped whilst the band played on and I felt transported back to a time where moonshine bootleggers wouldn't have felt out of place. I've been light on details as Nightjar is simply magical and I urge you to join in the experience yourself.

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