17 February 2013

Sunday links #1

Five fab links from this week.

1 Girls
After this week's episode, there were a lot of column inches written about the so-called implausibility of Lena Dunham's character, Hannah, meeting and spending the weekend with impossibly handsome doctor, Joshua. I thought this article put these nay-sayers into perspective a little.

Lizzie Kaplan being a hipster
This brilliantly silly mini-movie is actually an ad for clothing company, Viva Vena. 

3 Space
And with all this week's talk of meteors, this blows my mind.

4 Wanderlust
As always, any well-shot landscape has me itching to pack a bag and jump on the next plane. The Sony World Photography Awards are no exception. The exhibition opens at Somerset House on 26 April.

5 Goats yelling like humans
This video had me crying with laughter at work this week - goats yelling like humans. I think my favourite's at 1.15 or right at the end. What's yours?
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