24 February 2013

Sunday links #2

1 Doorditch
'Doorditch is an instagram project showcasing the doors of Shoreditch'. Keen-eyed snappers post photos of doors that look as if they have stories. Whether they're graffitoed,  flyered or just simply intriguing, the idea is to create the story behind each one. As some of these doors are on my very doorstep (hmmm), I've been keeping an eye out and hoping that I'll find one like these that lead to Narnia...

2 Al Green, live at the Apollo
An absolutely astounding performance that I just can't stop watching...a perfect bit of soul for a Sunday. 

3 Coveting Lily's nails
Lily has a knack for posting nails that I can't help but covet. My recent favourites are these - a vibrant turquoise-toned green with an overcoat of mixed pieces that gives the ever-popular glitter trend a new lease of life.

4 Guacamole and chips...
A colleague showed me this fab little animation, making guacamole out of 'household' items. I say, 'household' but I'm not so sure everyone has an avocado hand grenade just hanging around their kitchen... I love how well-observed it is, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me peckish.

5 Christophe Jacrot
And finally this week I've been falling in love with these atmospheric shots of cities around the world. My favourite is Christophe's 'The sound of rain' series, with perfect images of urban spaces observed from 'sous la mousson'.

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