10 March 2013

Sunday links #4

1 Where is Matt Damon?
This great story of how the author managed to stalk down Matt Damon in a Moroccan village, 'just because', told through (many) tweets is laugh-out-loud brilliant.

2 Arthouse
My bedroom walls in London are pretty bare. I managed to stick up some old records in their sleeves for a while before they ceremoniously leapt from their blu-tac and landed on my head. In the middle of the night. I'm looking for the perfect world map but stumbled across this - what's not to love about cats and geography?

3 Feeling Fred
To celebrate its 60 years birthday, esteemed brand Fred Perry commissioned creative types to reinterpret the iconic t-shirt. Jalouse magazine and Sister and Sibling gave it very feminine takes whilst Michael Lau went completely off-the-wall. I think my favourite is agency Mother's (above) - what's yours?

4 100 books
If your life was a book, what would you call it? Protagonist asks 'Are you the main character in a trashy romance, or playing a minor role in a tense crime thriller? If you wrote the story of your life in London, what would you call it?'
Submit your title here and if its chosen, you'll star alongside other 100 other Londoners, aged 1 to 100, in a portrait of the city. You'll also be invited to a special outdoor screening of the film.

5 Order of the day
Artist Ursus Wehrli sees the order in the chaos...and photographs it. He's just released a new book - The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy - showcasing his compelling need to organise. On a similar (but less recent) theme, Ikea produced a cookery book with an equally novel approach to the photography.

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