31 March 2013

Sunday links #7

This is one of my favourite campaigns and it's finally hit the street. Using airport codes, Ogilvy have created a  really imaginative ad for Expedia. More here, and on your local tube station, bus stop and train station gates...

2 The pen is mightier...
I posted about these handwritten love letters last year on my Tumblr but couldn't resist mentioning a similar site, Letters of Note. Collator, Shaun Usher, gathers 'fascinating letters, letters, postcards, telegrams, memos and faxes' from all sorts of people - Anais Nin & Henry Miller, David Bowie to his future manager, Johnny to June... The book's being published in May.

3 Fatescapes
Pavel Maria Smejkel takes 'iconic photographs of moments that have shaped the course of human history and removes the human elements from them, leaving nothing but empty, haunting landscapes behind'. With Iwo Jima, Tiananmen Square, Nuremberg, and Munich amongst the many locations in the series, 'they offer an eerily prosaic look at the geographical plainness of sites that have been imbued with such enormous importance'.

4 Doing Delia
It may have been the start of British Summertime this weekend but the weather said otherwise. I decided to rustle up this family favourite from Delia (but switching venison for the pork variety!) Who says you can't make a boozy casserole in Spring?

5 April is the cruellest month
...according to T S Eliot. I studied The Wasteland when I was 17 and came across it again today (topically).   I admit that I'm not much of a poetry buff (which, given my ancestry, is rather shameful) but there's definitely something about Eliot that strikes the chord.

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