12 April 2013

Take the good with the bad, the rough with the smooth

I've been a little off the radar over the last couple of weeks. It's a result of my melodramatic Friday night last week (think a little too much wine and emotion) so I've taken a step back and tried to throw myself into things a little more. Rather than being explicit about the ins-and-outs, Lily's post and vlog puts how I've been feeling recently into words.

The weekend, before and after my outburst but not including it, was good. Fridays in media-land are always relatively quiet. Whilst we often set ourselves those Friday afternoon deadlines, a lot of our clients and other agencies have already started the weekend. When you work across all sorts of stakeholders, it's pretty likely that most of them will have some prior engagement on a Friday meaning that response times are slower. It's useful, though, as it means us busybodies can catch up, tweak things here and there...and even (gasp) take the sacred hour for lunch. Which is what my boss and I did. We started with tasty salt and pepper squid, then followed with rich and moreish roasted butternut squash and sage butter ravioli. After work, I caught up with my housemate and another friend to take advantage of happy hour cocktails-and-champagne. From there I flitted to a friend in East London, before heading home...and making the melodramatic mess of myself.

Sunday, whilst we took advantage of the fleetingly sunny weather and spent the afternoon at our local, Pub On The Park, commandeering several tables, several Bloody Marys and watching the world go by, my cousin's boyfriend happened to win The Grand National. At the age of 23, riding his first National having only recently returned to racing, and with odds of 66-1 (that, super frustratingly, I was too scared to bet on) Ryan beat all the favourites to be first over the finish line. (The next day, he fell at Hexham and was rushed to hospital but he's recovering and back at home - talk about the rough with the smooth.)

The week itself's been relatively quiet, including a lack of motivation to work out, finally watching The Help and recuperating after (my) explosiveness. But, as always, no rest for the wicked at work - I've been to Brighton and Yorkshire this week (trains are obviously becoming my second home, delays and all) - and I'm going to Cardiff next week. I'm also going to a pitch with some of my colleagues on Monday, meaning that I have to dress corporate (a rarity, working in a design office). This morning I hobbled through Soho with a handbag, weekend bag, suit bag (above)...and an umbrella. I'm heading home to house- and cat-sit which means a weekend in Sussex, and fingers crossed for perfect weather.

And as a treat to myself, I may have accidentally just bought the much-coveted polka dot smock dress...  Cute, right?

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