12 May 2013

Sunday links #10

1 Thirsty...everyday?
The girls over at A Beautiful Mess pulled together their recent recipes for cocktails and combined them in one thirst-quenching post. I'm a big fan of cocktails and think I'll be giving some of these a try.

2 Hungerover owls
500 owls who've been on the sauce. Whimsical and great. I just love the one above - in a hole with ridiculous eyebrows.

3 Pictures of people who mock me
This brilliant article from a photographer who captures others' reactions towards her appearance. Honest and satirical, it's an eye-opener. An extract: 'In my peripheral vision, I saw a teen girl waiting for the signal to cross the street. As I stood there, eating my ice cream, I hear a repetitive SLAP SLAP SLAP of a hand on skin. I signaled to my assistant to shoot. It was only when I returned home to Memphis and got the film developed that I realized the sound was the girl hitting her belly as she watched me eat. She did this over and over. I have five frames of her with various facial expressions.'


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