21 June 2013

25 before 25

This is an extension of my 'five for...' series that I started (and seemingly quickly abandoned) earlier this year. As it's my 24th birthday tomorrow, I've decided to set myself 25 goals before turning 25 next year.
  1. Start learning another language.
  2. Take a photo every day.
  3. Go to America (again).
  4. Read more classic novels, and note down all the other books I read in between.
  5. Create a wall of photos.
  6. Have dinner at some of the top restaurants in London.
  7. Go on a mini break! (So Bridget Jones)
  8. Get out of my overdraft.
  9. Save £1,000 on top of this.
  10. Go to five gigs. (Tougher than it may seem as I'm bored of 'live' music)
  11. Get as many stamps in my passport as possible.
  12. Spend my 25th somewhere fabulous!
  13. Go to a midnight film showing. Catching Fire at the BFI IMAX, no less.
  14. Learn how to make 25 new dishes.
  15. Find the leather jacket.
  16. Write something and have it published.
  17. Write more letters to people.
  18. Be more confident in my wardrobe.
  19. Pay for a stranger's order.
  20. Host a full on dinner party.
  21. Get fit.
  22. Progress my blog.
  23. See the Northern Lights.
  24. Scuba dive.
  25. Make an item of clothing.
Wish me luck! 

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