18 June 2013

Having a laugh

Comedy is one of the most subjective interests anyone can have, I think. It's all very well your friends declaring that Lee Evans is the best thing since sliced bread, or that the Gervais/Pilkington love-in is the pinnacle of humour but that doesn't mean that you're going to share their opinions. And I don't. Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I don't find the aforementioned comics, along with such favourites as Will Ferrell and Jonah Hill, funny. Call me boring, call me whatever you like but the most they'll raise out of me is a smirk or my eyebrows.

That's not to say I don't like comedy. I love it. I love sitcoms, sketch shows, some panels, live tours and stand up nights and would love to go the Edinburgh Fringe. You'll find me in tears at a lot of observational comedy and dry humour and, of course, I loved the clever wit of A Midsummer Night's Dream a couple of weeks ago. So when there was talk of going to a comedy night, I jumped at the chance and was really glad I went.

Voted Time Out's 'Best Value Comedy Club in London', we went to Knock2Bag at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green. We grabbed a table off to the side of the stage, away from the prime front row seats, and relaxed into the show. The MC got off to a bit of an awkward start but the rest of the acts were great - my favourites being Kwame Asante, Bobby Mair, and another guy whose name is missing from the line up but gave some great observations. Weirdness was brought by Brian Gittins and classic comedy came from from Sean Hughes. Our table saw a bit of attention but gave as good as we got whilst managing to avoid flying dildos, tossed bread and pig masks (not all at the same time).

After that, we caught up with old friends for birthday celebrations (theirs - mine's on Saturday!) and danced raucously at The Cornershop. I'd been in for a quieter drink earlier in the week and they were playing Donna Allen and The Whispers...a bar after my own heart.

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