4 August 2013

Sunday links #14

1 Acceptable in the 80s
These fab photos give an insight into London life in the eighties, with some great outfits and a real sense of nostalgia. Someone commented, 'Looking at these pictures feels like meeting a very old friend...it was so much more chaotic - but that was the beauty of it really. There was a space for genuine eccentricity then...' Poetic, no? And I think there's definitely some images that definitely look as if they were taken yesterday, don't you think?

2 Blurred lines
Robin Thicke's talk of the town tune and video has been given a do-over by Mod Carousel. They've turned the tables 'leaving the men as gormless, naked playthings under the control of the women'. It's entertaining whilst drawing attention to the recent spate of nude music videos (Justin Timberlake, I'm looking at you) without being overly damning and damaging.

3 Saddle up
Despite the fact they're jumped up jodhpurs, I've been after some riding pants since forever. Without wanting to shell out £64 on American Apparel, I found these Topshop beauties at half the price but with just as much punch. There's currently free worldwide shipping with FREE4ALL code too, so what're you waiting for?

4 Behind This Wall
Head down to the final weekend of the oyster and cocktail pop-up, Behind This Wall, on Broadway Market. Perhaps not the obvious of locations, pie and mash shop F Cooke is hosting this blink-and-you'll-miss-it bar so why not trade in your eel pie for something a little more decadent?

5 Test your mettle
Following their success last year with the Look Longer tube station project, CBS have conjured up a new game that challenges you to recognise 150 brands from teeny pictures and straplines. Find some time to put your waiting-around-on-platforms to good use and you could win a prize.

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