4 September 2013

Four years of thenotsosecretdiary

It's my 'blogiversary' this week. Four years ago, I started up thenotsosecretdiary - over on tumblr - as a way of keeping family, friends and anyone who stumbled across it up to date on my life. Mainly because I was moving to Paris for a year.

I recorded the trials and tribulations of living in a foreign country (it's not all about pains au chocolat and the Eiffel Tower, you know - but then again, it kinda is as I used to get a fresh, warm one from the boulangerie every morning and my friend lived in the closest possible apartment to la Tour) and then kept it up when I came back. In the past four years, thenotsosecretdiary has seen me go and come back from Paris, turn 21 (22, 23, and 24), spend a month in Indonesia and Vietnam, go to Bestival for the second time, start and finish my final year of university (complete with dissertation hell), be on the main stage at Parklife, have lunch at the House of Lords, get a boyfriend, plan a year abroad, go to Thailand for my sister's wedding, start work, explore some great places, find my current job, go to Venice for my birthday, no longer have said boyfriend, go swimming in the snow, move my blog to its new home (here!), and start dating and eating/drinking in an inordinate amount of places...

Next week I'm off to the south of France for a much-needed break with my mum. Despite working as a writer, I love having this little space to use for as much (or little) creative output as I need. thenotososecretdiary, happy 4th birthday - here's to many more!

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  1. Ah that's amazing to realise how much of your life you have documented and how much you can look back on. Happy 4th birthday to your blog! x


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