16 September 2013

Nice: Day II

After our first night, we decided to try and get our bearings in Nice before planning adventures further afield. So before breakfast we set off around the old port (which our apartment overlooks) coveting all the yachts, big and small alike.

Sadly we didn't manage to catch a ride on either boat so came back to the apartment for breakfast on the terrace, with a still-warm baguette from the boulangerie. After UN petit dejeuner des rois, we set out to explore the remains of the old chateau, le Lou Casteu. With settlers dating way back to 3BC, but more recently an 18th century stronghold, the ruins of the castle stand proud above the city. Although it's nothing more than rubble, the winding staircase to the top gives you the most incredible views of the bay, the town and the foothills of the Alps.

There's even a waterfall tucked away to discover too...

We then headed down into the Vieux Ville amongst pastel pink buildings and thick heavy doors. We picked up some essentials from the local épiceries and whipped up a quick and easy meal (with a not so easy to access bottle of wine) and watched the sun go down on our first full day à France.


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  1. despite my husband hailing from Aix en Provence and having been there multiple times, i've somehow never made it to Nice! clearly i am missing out. definitely visiting next time x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder


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