17 December 2013

Feeling punny

In the run up to Christmas, everything gets really busy - the streets, the shops, work life, home life... But there's always time for romcoms - like the other weekend when I somehow watched four Hugh Grant films in a row. I don't even like Hugh Grant but it all started (naturally) with the hankering for Love Actually. Other things there always time for is burgers.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an idea of doing something different and grabbed tickets to The Pun Run, Britain's only pun-based comedy night. Before we strategically chose our seats (ie. nowhere near the front), we realised we needed some food. Fast. And so, we headed to every burger lovers fave, MeatLiquor, and managed to skip the queue.

Diving straight in to a Vedett (me) and a coke float (M), we opted for the Dead Hippie burger (brilliantly dirty, as always) and the XXXmas Dog which was some mountainous creation that looked dubious but tasted good, apparently? We also shared some monstrous onion rings - divine but devilishly difficult to finish - and called it good whilst trying not to drop anything on each other.

From there, we headed over to The Pun Run, grabbed a mulled wine (naturally) and managed to bag the comfy banquettes at the back that removed the innate audience member vs comedian fear. Apparently, 'a groan's as good as a laugh' and with eight comedians across two halves there was a hell of a lot of groaning, sighing and 'that was utterly ridiculous' - but that's part of the fun, right? Puns may not have the highest of comedic kudos but as one chap managed to successfully pull off a 'punny' set with European countries, you can't quite knock it just yet. In the interval, audience members were given the chance to tweet their best puns around the theme of New Year, with the winner earning a free drink. We tried and failed miserably compared to the winning, 'Last New Year I said I would buy a new camera and take lots of long distance photos. Turns out it didn't have the resolution...'

If you fancy your chances at pun-based world domination, the night's every six weeks and returns in the New Year. After some of the most ridiculous one-liners and the longest set up for a joke ever, we left vowing to leave it to the experts and headed over to Social Eating House where my first drink - aptly - was the Cereal Killer. If you can't beat them, join them, right?


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