1 December 2013

Sunday links #15

It's been a while, hasn't it? Sometimes I just get terribly waylaid... But not this Sunday. The return of the fabulous five four...

1 Vanishing act
As more and more of the world is consumed, the number of indigenous tribes and tribesmen are dwindling. Photographer Jimmy Nelson (for Bored Panda) spent two weeks each with over 30 tribes and has captured some of the world's more remote residents before they're lost to us completely. Stunning.

2 One for sorrow, two for joy
Amy over at The Little Magpie is one of my favourite bloggers. I find myself liking practically every post and stashing away her outfits for inspiration. She's got me coveting some amazing cigarette pants, thinking of ways to style up my favourite jumpsuit and trying to get in on the co-ord action.

3 Keeping it classic
Last year was all about the Michael Kors Rose Gold watch - you couldn't go five paces without seeing one adorning the arm of girls (and guys) alike. This year, it's all about simplicity and I've been coveting a Daniel Wellington watch for a while now. I think it's because there's a slight similarity (through the simplicity) to my mum's Longines, that she's had for forever. My favourite's the Classic Sheffield Lady.

4 Santa's Little Helpers
Another one of my all-time favourite bloggers, Rosie, posted this to die for recipe for Christmas morning cocktails. We're normally a champers household (or Bucks' Fizz if I'm feeling fragile) but my mum and I are planning on knocking up these fizzy, frozen, fruity concoctions this year. I'm a big fan of chambord but we're thinking of experimenting with a mango twist, what about you?

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