6 January 2014

Five for 2014

1 Drink more water
I am notorious for barely drinking anything; I'm not a coffee drinker, a tea fan or even a Red Bull rover. Trying to get me to drink is like leading a horse to water. Unless it's something alcoholic - then, you'll find me at the bar. But as it's a New Year and I'm trying to be healthier (so hard, I love food so much and I refuse to spend £50 a month on a gym membership that I'll barely use) this is the first step in the right direction. I'll be knocking back the pints (of water) like the best of them.

2 Look after my skin
I'm every beauty bloggers nightmare. I rarely take my make up off before bed, never exfoliate, only tone when I remember to and use the most basic of moisturisers. I've been giving the Love Me Beauty boxes a go but usually toss aside the skincare samples, and reach straight for the make up. Having recently fallen in love with the little bottle of Matriskin Vitamin C 5% Serum, I'm going to be giving everything else a bit more of a chance. Let's just forget about repurchasing it with a price tag like that, right?

3 Say yes more
Yes to those wild ideas. The fanciful forays. The unexpected adventures. To misquote that timeworn adage, I don't want to be regretting the things I haven't done when I'm too old to be doing them. Just call me the new Danny Wallace. I think.

4 Take a picture everyday
Perhaps another predicable one but unlike most bloggers, I don't really take photographs. I rarely snap selfies, I get far too embarrassed most of the time to catch cooking on camera and the places I go? You'd never know if I didn't write about them. So I've resolved to take a picture everyday. You'll find most of them on Instagram but I'll be rounding them up here too.

5 Try and complete as many of the 25 before 25
Ah, this one. If you didn't know, on the eve of my 24th birthday, I set myself 25 things to do before I turned the quarter century. I got a little ambitious and developed a list of fantastical (but perhaps not so purse-friendly) ideas. Still, I've got just under six months to do them in now so guess I better get started?

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