6 February 2014

Under the weather

In more ways than one. I think we've all heard about (and felt) the January blues. That slump post-Christmas where belts are a little tight, wallets are a little empty and the only thing looming is the certainty of a bleak rest of the winter. The lack of Vitamin D from our long-lost solar friend and the short, short days where you get up in the dark and get home in the dark is a combination hardly anyone can claim to enjoy.

So I like to think that this time of year's a great time to explore what London has to offer gastronomically. Dark nights make the perfect accompaniment for being tucked away in some small bolt hole - when it's sunny and warm, all you want to be doing is sitting somewhere grassy with a very cold drink in your hand. But now, it's acceptable (and encouraged) to have a glass or two of red, some hearty food (despite the January resolution) and some great company. I'm working on it.

So whilst I've been skipping around town a little, mindful of being terribly grown up and starting to pay off my overdraft with my payrise, it's not all been plain sailing. For the last couple of weeks, we've been working straight 10+ hour days flat out and when you've been struck down with a cold, feeling on top of the world is not quite at the top of the list. And this week's disruption from the tube strikes resulting in 2.5 hour journeys each way to and from work in the rain, I'm totally exhausted.

But it's just a lull. A blip. A speck in time, right? There's always bigger fish to fry and something awesome around the corner so I'm jumping straight back on the horse and shaking off the last of it. Promise I'll be back on form in no time.

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