14 February 2014

What I'm Wearing: Valentine's edition


Valentine's Day - you either love it or you hate it. All the schmaltz and frippery, people queueing up for their last-minute buying of cards and flowers at the station (yes really) and the constant one-upness of gift buying. Or you're totally into it - why not spoil your loved one with that bottle of champagne and those fancy chocolates?

Me, I'm single so I'm leaning slightly towards the first camp this year. I'm in no way a Scrooge about it - I love seeing everyone's happy faces as they're marching around armed with bouquets and cheeky little bags BUT I'm definitely the kind of girl who believes that love's for life, not just for February.

My ex and I did the kind of things some people save for Valentine's Day on a regular basis. We'd frequently consume too much champagne, go out for steak (or stay in and cook it) and cocktails and we didn't have the 'so close to the next couple you're practically a part of their relationship' vibes.

Today I'm at work (unlike half of London, judging by the empty tubes this morning) and this is the outfit I'm wearing. My wardrobe is strictly monochrome on the best of days and I'm not likely to start prancing around in a pale dress like the Lady of Shallot any time soon. So instead I've vamped it up with leather, lashes and lipstick and working the loveless vibe.


  1. I love that you are wearing black. The pop of red with your lips will look phenomenal! Loving those dainty rings too!!
    xo TJ



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