3 March 2014

Wilton Way Cafe

London has its fair share of cafes. Greasy spoons, brasseries, bistros, delis...you name it, we have it. Of course, not necessarily all on the same street but there's definitely enough love from one to sit alongside the other. Living in Hackney, you're privy to a bit of everything so the 'where shall we go for brunch?' question isn't quite as easy as it may seem.

A couple of Sundays ago, I met up with my friend Alex who runs one of the De Beauvoir delis (I'm still to go, bad friend right here). He suggested we head across the park to The Wilton Way Cafe, and as it was such a beautiful day I wasn't about to complain. Tucked behind Hackney Central station, this little place is almost blink-and-you'll-miss-it - in fact we did and walked past initially before realising that yes, Mr Johnson's quirky little shopfront was our destination.

We came with the avocado on toast in mind. It came perfectly ripe on sourdough toast with chilli flakes and rock salt. Tasty and a good portion but we both agreed it needed more lemon to bring it to life. The goats curd with portobello mushrooms on sourdough, on the other hand, was a complete dream. Alex, being a boy, was still hungry after both of these and went for the grilled chorizo ciabatta with piquillo peppers and rocket that oozed that rich red all over the place.

The coffee's not bad but I'm not much of a coffee drinker. They serve London made fresh lemonade which was perfect as the sun beat down through the windows.

It's smaller inside than you'd expect, but the cafe is also home to the London Fields Radio. No beats on this Sunday but we're sure you'll catch some sooner or later. This place gets busy with people getting their sunny brunch time fix, so be prepared to queue but try and nab the benches in the window for prime people watching opportunities.

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