16 April 2014

Grill Market, Holborn

Hold it right there, I think I've found one of the best places for lunch on the go in London...

But let's take it back a step. We've been pretty spoilt working in Soho when it comes to places to grab lunch. For the lazy there was Pret, for the healthier minded there was Hummus Bros. Sushi lovers? Yoshino. Vietnamese? Pho. Best sandwiches made to order? Le Cafe Buen Guesto (my best kept secret that I was heartbroken to leave behind).

But now we've moved to the very unfamiliar Gray's Inn Road, we've been at a bit of a loss. We've already scoped out two or three great pubs but come lunchtime, no clue. Until Grill Market came into our lives. Next to Banh Mi Bay and right at the end of our mews, this new venture has got it going on. I've eaten there twice in two days (my colleague three times) and can confidently declare that their made-to-order sandwiches are far superior to your floppy cardboard affairs.

This narrow slither of a 'cafe' keeps things simple. First up, choose what you want from the grill... fancy chicken, BBQ pork belly, teriyaki salmon, field mushrooms and garlic, halloumi and harissa? They have it and more. Then decide whether you want a sandwich (and choose your bread) or a salad box. They'll then grill to order and ask what you want to load in as accompaniments - if you're like me, you'll say everything so will end up with a sandwich bursting with a kale and butternut squash salad, beetroot and carrot slaw, lemon and garlic mayo, braised red onions... Just try to resist the brownies or the cake (it's hard).

Today, I went back and had the pulled pork special. Served in a brioche bun with grated cheese, a lemony garlic mayo and lots of slaw, it was hands down one of the best sandwiches I've ever stuffed into my mouth and had dripping down my hands. A bold claim but I think these guys have stolen my heart.

And you know what's best of all (other than the aforementioned brownies and cake)? They do a loyalty card and I've already managed to get quiiiite a few stamps. I'll have a feeling we'll be on first name terms any day soon and boy, am I excited.

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