20 June 2014

Holiday reading

Eighteen months or so again, you wouldn't have seen me near a Kindle. I've always loved the physical feel of a book in my hand - the weight of it in your palm, the smell of new pages - but when we bought my mum a Kindle Fire HD for her birthday eighteen months ago, I was intrigued. And sure enough, six months later I'd decided to buy one for myself and now have no idea how I'd live without it. Gone are the days of lugging Game of Thrones tomes around in my bag to devour twice on the tube, pulling out my French copy of The Lord of The Rings (yes, I am that person) or even sharing knowing smiles when someone else has their nose in the same book as you. I now have a bazillion books all in one lightweight place to tear my way through (I've been known to read two books in a day), and have just blitzed the Kindle Store for the perfect holiday reads.

Here are a few I'm taking with me - this batch are mostly crime novels, they're my guilty pleasure:

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