2 July 2014

Currently #2

eating // Fairly hand to mouth. I've just moved into a new (beautiful) houseshare and the room in the fridge leaves a lot to be desired so it's all about buying little and often. Last night, I baked a sea bream fillet with lemon and garlic butter, and asparagus, and served it with crushed lemony and wholegrain new potatoes. 
drinking // Late night marmite and guinness martinis at Duck & Waffle. Divine!
practising // How quietly I can walk up and down the creaky wooden stairs in the aforementioned new houseshare.
learning // That I hate the majority of my wardrobe; it needs a total refresh.
reading // Hillary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bringing Up The Bodies. I finally decided to give them a go, following all the hype. 
enjoying // Escaping the city with old uni friends - and hitting up Leamington's finest destinations.
listening // To a lot of new music. Including thisthis and this. And also to Les Miserables live. 
needing // A whole new wardobe (see above).
wearing // Bare legs in London for the first time ever. Thanks to the little Italian break, I am no longer transparent and shock horror, don't blind anyone when they catch a glimpse.
working // On my fitness. I decided to join the gym and so early morning workouts are becoming a thing. 
watching // The new series of True Blood. Whilst not a fan of the reams of other vampire-based shows out there, I'm lapping up the final season of the show that has me screaming 'Why are you doing that stupid thing?' every episode. (Another show this applies to: The Walking Dead)

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