1 August 2014

Currently #3

eating // Trying to be healthy this week but sore heads following late nights call for carbs and I'm constantly finding myself in the Pizza Pilgrims queue in Leather Lane. 
drinking // Vodka, tonic and elderflower. And lots of Pinot Grigio Blush (the younger the better, as we learned in Italy).
learning // That sharing three bottles of wine on a Monday night is not the most sensible way to start the week. And that guys shouldn't try and sext after the first date.
dancing // Around at Summer Rites in Tobacco Dock, supporting the LGBT family and wishing I was as fierce as some of London's finest drag queens.
reading // My guilty pleasures, crime thrillers. Hillary Mantell's Wolf Hall and Bringing Up The Bodies are patiently waiting my attention but I'm a sucker for trash.
trying // To find somewhere new to live. Having moved only a month ago, I've got to move again and finding there's a serious dearth of nice and affordable places in Hackney these days.
listening // To Jungle and Juce. You need these bands in your life.
waiting // For October and The Walking Dead. That's it.
watching // True Blood. And wishing Eric Northman existed in my life. And seeing lots of things live - Derren Brown's Infamous tour on Friday (mindbending) and Miss Saigon tomorrow. 
needing // A holiday. 
wearing // These amazing trousers. 
booking // Tickets non-stop. Our latest buy is to see Shakespeare in Love at the Noel Coward Theatre in October.
working // Long days and late nights. But it's cool as there's some big changes on the horizon so the pay off will be sweet.

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