10 September 2014

Party! (The Meth Lab)

I feel that I think it's been a 'crazy few days' pretty often but the last week or so really takes the crown. It all started last week really with an indescribable number of back and forths trying to organise our new house until Thursday, when we were finally able to sign the contract on our lovely new house in Clapton. I, of course, was in the mood to celebrate so traipsed up to Camden with T and J for a wholly different kind of night out.

I'm not one for reality shows. We had a house phase of watching Geordie Shore before we got bored, we turn off Big Brother quicker than a blink of that big eye and TOWIE really doesn't appeal. Ru Paul's Drag Race, on the other hand, is our vice of choice. Each season (there's been six so far) twelve handpicked drag queens compete to be the next Drag Queen Superstar of America. Whether they're comedy queens, pageant girls, club kids or lip-syncers, they're pitted against each other to find out who can become the fiercest, fishiest queen to take it all. And it's absolutely brilliant.

We're addicted to watching it and finally, this year, the winner and one of the runners up of season six crossed the Atlantic to bring some American attitude to London. Hosted by Meth, one of London's most famous queens, in The Meth Lab (aka The Black Cap in Camden) the nights are a riot of cabaret, comedy and eye-watering performances. Back in August, we went to see winner Bianca del Rio - a killer queen with an acid tongue who had us in absolute stitches as she combined good-natured heckling with wickedly simultaneous self-deprecation and aggrandisement until we could barely breathe. Last week, we saw Adore Delano - the flamehaired singer whose potty mouth would make even the hardiest of builders blush. While she wasn't as funny as her predecessor, she put on a damn good show and had everybody screaming for more as soon as she strutted off-stage.

Honourable mention must go to LoLo Brow, a cabaret act who mashed up an old-school Caspa & Rusko song with a routine that involved stapling playing cards to her naked body. Told you drag nights can be eye-watering.

While far from the most conventional of nights out, partying in an environment so full of warmth and support can be a breath of fresh air from some of the more sinister London scenes. Yes, the audience is mostly men who simultaneously berate you for taking up valuable dancing space but appreciate a bit of community support but if a girl can't come away from a drag night with a few make up tips, then she's doing it wrong.

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