5 March 2015

Creperie du Monde

I'm a pancake purist. A lemon and sugar crepe purist to be exact. I dabbled with Nutella and banana this Pancake Day but it just didn't hit the spot, and as much as I'd like to indulge in flaming Crepes Suzettes, they're not really an acceptable everyday affair. I'm yet to really get into my teeth into Scotch pancakes despite Instagrams all over proclaiming their love for rashers of bacon and plentiful maple syrup, and I usually leave savoury pancakes by the wayside too.

Until now. After a brisk walk that got me up and out of my sick bed this weekend, we ended up at Creperie du Monde on Chatsworth Road. It's a tiny corner cafe with a handful of seats upstairs, a slightly sweaty stone cellar and prime people-watching benches outside. We went subterranean and shared a tiny table.

The menu is, as you'd expect, relatively simple offering sweet and savoury crepes as well as omelettes if you're that way inclined. When I lived in Paris, I sometimes picked up a hot cheese and ham crepe on the way home from a night out (beats a kebab for sure) so of course, had to order the Parisienne - a goats cheese, pancetta and walnut stuffed pancake - that was a melty, oozy, salty and crispy delight. L went for a houmous, halloumi and pepper number while the boys went sweet with Nutella, strawberries and cream involved along the way.

It was a good little stop (if a little more expensive than the 2Euro crepes of my Parisian day) and worth checking out if you're getting stuck into Chatsworth Road Market for your non-flambe fix.

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