7 April 2015

Smack Deli

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a lobster lover. Burger & Lobster is one of my go-to restaurants and recommendations with every single person I've taken signing up as a crustacean convert once the giant silver tray has been cleared away. The Goodman brothers have done good.

Building their empire hasn't been difficult: their steak restaurants are renowned, B&L is now Stateside and Beast, which serves king crab and steak, isn't exactly doing badly either. So what comes next? A 'fast food' deli eatery serving up moreish lobster rolls at £9 a pop, of course.

After a couple of cocktails at Bourne & Hollingsworth, I was inexplicably craving lobster and nothing else would do. I pulled S in the direction of Oxford Street, promising him a good time, and headed straight for Smack Deli, a stone's throw away from Bond Street station. 

The format here is straightforward - choose from one of the four lobster rolls on offer, order at the counter, pay and receive your buzzer. When your lobster goodness is ready, collect it and dig in. Easy.

We started with the Mexican (smoked chipotle mayo, peppers, corn, jalapeno and white cabbage) and the Seven Samurai (Japanese mayo, Japanese cabbage, cucumber, pickled ginger and spring onions). Toasted brioche stuffed to the brim with the fillings, these are serious sandwich contenders. Perhaps a little bit light on the actual depth of flavours but it was definitely love at first bite.

Still hungry, we shared the California (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado mayo with lime) which they kindly split for us. Perhaps the freshest in terms of flavour, this one was my favourite but I think next time I might add a splash of tabasco.

We ordered wine and moreish courgette fries on the side and polished everything off pretty sharpish. As a younger sister, I think Smack Deli is making some real headway in keeping up with the rest of the family. A small way to go yet but I will definitely be back. Four out of five.

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