22 April 2016

Foxlow, Stoke Newington

It was the morning after the night before. I had mainlined espresso martinis at my colleague's wedding and it was safe to say I was not feeling my best. But! It was finally a sunny Sunday and there was no way I was going to let the hangover get the better of me.

So P and I tottered to everyone's favourite neighbourhood spot, Foxlow in Stoke Newington. It was almost warm enough to sit outside but instead we ensconced ourselves in a corner table right at the back of the restaurant, perfect for people watching.

Straight up, we ordered Bottomless Bloody Marys at £14 a pop. Served long, tall and spicy (like all the best ones are), they came thick and fast and did wonders at soothing my fragile head. And kept us going until the burrata with homemade sorrel salsa verde arrived. I liked the different dimension that the addition of sorrel brought to the plate and we practically fought over the last bits until the Cobble Lane charcuterie arrived (coppa, saucisson and chilli salami) along with the sauteed portobello mushrooms that were juicy, citrusy and scattered with plenty of tarragon. We also ordered the pablano macaroni cheese because nothing is better than carbs on a hangover. Juice diet? What juice diet? Plus, any place that puts a million types of cheese into their giant dish is my kinda place.

A small but perfectly formed brunch that banished the post-espresso martini blues. Bingo.

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