3 April 2016

Sunday links

I felt it was about time to reintroduce the Sunday links. Five bits and pieces that have caught my eye recently each week.

1 Aretha still killin' it. Singing Carole King-penned (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman at the Kennedy Center in front of the Obamas. The passion is palpable - can you imagine being there?!

2 Calligraphy animals from Andrew Fox. Like most people, my penmanship these days leaves a lot to be desired so these clean lines appeal straight to my nostalgic neat days.

3 I eagerly await delivery of Dolly Alderton's Dolly Mail newsletter straight to my inbox on Wednesday. I think she's my kindred spirit (quaffing champagne, particularly) plus her guest posts, recipes, and round up of things to buy make the commute to work fly by. Sign up here.

4 I have this bookmarked and read it from time to time as it's just so true. Every Celebrity Interview pokes fun at the glossy magazine's gushing stories on female cover stars, and the unachievable standards that they just seem to set.

5 Which leads nicely onto Emma's newest post: 'Let's Stop Asking Famous People Dumb Questions'. From the pressure of press junkets to basic questions that scream boring, why Actors on Actors is so much more interesting and why we should ask the things we really want to because actors are people too and if someone else asks them about their divorce, they may just lose their mind...

(Photo of New York City because we're planning an October trip and I am already dreaming about it.)

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