23 May 2016

Le Bab, Soho

Before heading to Le Bab, I'd never eaten a kebab in my life. Post-night out foraging often resulted in stealing friends' chips or raiding the fridge and eating all the cheese, but I'd always managed to stay clear of the places serving questionable-looking meat on rotating skewers.

So perhaps I'm not best placed to judge somewhere whose menu is solely compromised of kebabs. But when a new spot in Kingly Court opens up and the guys behind it have trained in some of the top restaurants in London, this girl just has to check it out.

Climb to the top floor and check in for your reservation (yep!) and take a seat at one of the oh-so-Instagram tightly packed marble tables. Or totter on the stools at the pass and watch the magic happen. Then, order a drink (preferably with whisky in) and one of the posh kebabs. 

In the spirit of solidarity, we all went for the same one: the 15 hour free range pork shawarma. It arrives at the table flat, ready to roll yourself and devour or to tuck into with knife and fork. The grilled spring onions were at once smokey and sweet, the roasted broccoli puree smooth, the fennel pickle tangy and with a vinegary bite that cut through the meat, and the crackling a party in the mouth of salty, crisp skin. We also had to order the fondue fries which were essentially cheesy chips and gravy (but oh! that gravy, you could bathe in it) and the endive and pomegranate salad for a semblance of healthiness.

Bright, breezy, friendly and flavoursome, Le Bab definitely ticks all the boxes. Posh kebabs may sound an oxymoron but boy, do they go together. Lashings of ketchup and mayo not necessary. 

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