28 February 2013

So...how did I do?

For my first five things, I set myself some pretty ambitious tasks to achieve and within half the time. Maybe I was just setting myself up for disaster?! Either way, I managed to get two out of my five crossed off...sort of.

1 Make homemade ravioli
I had great intentions for this; it was all going to be perfect. I'd googled a bazillion recipes and settled on making two types (I was all up for being adventurous): a wild mushroom filling, and a prosciutto, basil and mozzarella filling. Eventually I quickly realised that even I'm not quite at culinary goddess stage, and chose to just make the latter. 

It all started so well! With a glass of wine in hand, I shredded basil leaves and mozzarella, added just the right amount of sundried goodness...and then completely failed to get the (fresh) pasta sheets to do what I wanted. I almost cried, I drank more wine, I almost threw all my progress in the bin...before some bright advice from my mum see the dish transferred into an impromptu (and very delicious) cannelloni. That I'll definitely be making again.

3 Watch something being filmed/put on/recorded
I'm going to use last night's comedy crawl for this one. It was my second time at a stand-up night - my first was years ago at The Comedy Club in Leicester Square, with Andy Parsons making an appearance. I love the buzz and the vibe and some really great wit...and if the act's a little off? Well, that's all part of the fun.

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