1 March 2013

Five for...March

Following on from the relative (un)success of my 'Five for February' - I seemingly managed to complete two - and my self-determination to continue, this month's five things are potentially a little less ambitious, and a little more achievable (especially as I'm giving myself a whole month this time round too).

1 Explore somewhere new in London
Now, this one should be relatively easy. I guess you could say I'm somewhat a creature of habit - having moved to London (east) at 18, I've firmly stuck my ground. There's only been a handful of occasions where I've ventured to the 'wild west' or even gone south of the river... When I lived in Paris, I'm pretty sure I managed to do something in every one of the twenty arrondissements (and I was only there for just under a year) - so it's time to buck up the ideas and find somewhere new to play for the day.

2 Do the 30 Day Shred
A combination of jumping on a much-mentioned bandwagon and the sudden realisation that summer really is around the corner (although the weather may not feel like it), means that I've bought myself, received and even unwrapped Jillian Michael's DVD and it's patiently awaiting the first of the month (today) for its first use. Here's hoping I'll have those toned muscles in no time...

3 Try five bruschetta toppings
Perhaps a little contradictory to the above, but one of my favourite things to make (and eat) is bruschetta. Seeing The Londoner's post with three new takes on it has inspired me to create (and devour) my own this month.

4 Write something
Copywriting at work and blogging at home doesn't count. I need to write something - anything - totally unrelated to either.

5 Book a trip somewhere
With a very generous 32 days of holiday this year, I've just got to get something in the calendar. Whilst I seemingly didn't manage to treat myself in February, I'm thinking that I may just combine treat with travel and finally commit to something. Whether its the few days in Paris I've been discussing, or a part payment on summer hols, March is the month to get it all sorted.

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