3 March 2013

Sunday links #3

Another week, another Sunday.

I had quite a busy one at work - I've written four proposals this week, and started another on Friday afternoon. The promise of potential work is always exciting, especially as I work in a pretty niche area and what we do makes a real difference.

1 At the drive-in
These quote-based prints from 17th and Oak are a sweet little take on the classic movie poster. Using characters and famous lines, they're instantly recognisable. I think my favourites may be 'Not pass' (obviously), 'Okay', or 'Clothes, Boots and Motorcycle' (for the ridiculousness).

2 Sacrilege
I've been playing the new single from Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album non-stop. Some writer described it as having some Rolling Stones undertones with the gospelesque backing towards the end (have a listen, you'll see what they mean) - I think that's what makes me like it even more.

3 How Sweet It Is
I think this may just be my new favourite blog. With almost every recipe having me writing mental notes to buy the ingredients and try them out at home, How Sweet Eats is a new discovery. I haven't yet trawled through the archives but the cleverly photographed recipes have already got me hooked.

4 Stylist's top 10 reads for March
I'm the kind of person who always has a book on the go. Normally, I have two. Or three. I can easily finish a book in a day (yes, even on weekdays) and I devoured Martin's Game of Thrones Series in a matter of very short weeks (whenever Amazon delivered them!) before passing them on to my dad. These are Stylist's top 10 reads for March, which I might just get my hands on. Not before I've read my newly-ordered Lord of the Rings Trilogy...in French!

5 Billing blocks
Ever wanted to know what all those names mean at the bottom of a movie poster? Obviously you can tell that George Clooney's in it, or Steven Spielberg directed it...but what about everything else? Ben Schott, whose Miscellanies and Almanacs are bestselling books packed with trivia, explains


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