19 April 2013


Everyone knows that Thursdays are the new Fridays and there's definitely no exception when in the heart of work-hard play-hard Soho. Last night, we caught up with a colleague who had moved to pastures new back in November, and after a few drinks at the local, The Lyric, where we sampled Patron for the first time, we struck out in search of some food.

Trying to find a place to eat in Soho can be a bit of a monopoly - on my road alone, we've got Busaba, Wahaca, Banana Tree, Satsuma, Pho, Imli, Hummus Bros, Floridita, Princi and Inamo, to name but a few. And not to mention any of the incredible other places that are just around the corner and a stone's throw away. Spoilt for choice but still have to queue...

After some quick deliberation, we decided to venture to the new burger joint on our street, BRGR CO. Now, London's no stranger to burgers; with pop-ups and posh street food on the scene, there's a lot of competition and a lot to live up to. We were there around half nine and the place was buzzing - we were seated at the bar in the window to wait for our table, given a drink each and the opportunity to watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen.

We were sat in about ten minutes...and then abandoned. None of the (admittedly quite busy) staff noticed that we hadn't even seen menus, let alone ordered. The menu itself is relatively basic - starters and sides draw the eye first and then the burgers follow on the right. I was tempted by the Old Fashioned Mac'n'Cheese (seemingly a popular choice on the London circuit) but dived straight into building my own burger. Served as either 4, 6 or 8 oz cuts, we were a little unimpressed with the descriptions but each went for the 6oz Tender Blend. I added cheese, caramelised onions and bacon (before realising that the last two were a bit over-the-top) from the chargeable extras, a horseradish mustard dip (non-chargeable) and we shared a portion of fries and cheese fries. Watching your waistline? This place is not for you.

The burgers arrived shortly, which was impressive. With accompaniments served separately, you can choose to stack it yourself - take out that gherkin or ditch the lettuce, if you prefer. I loaded up, threw in some Tabasco and some mustard and dived straight in. Admittedly, the burger patty looked slightly anaemic but when you're used to some bigger beauties from the markets or Burger & Lobster, can you really be one to judge? We polished ours off double-time and got the bill which came to about £15 each (including the beer and a tip) - not bad.

No photos as no phone battery, but the couple next to me definitely made up for it even though their starter salad of lettuce (and just lettuce) did seem a bit of a bizarre one for Instagram...

Would I go back? I'm not sure. It was good but I've heard a lot about rival Patty & Bun, and as mentioned above, there's a plethora of burger joints (and not-so burger joints) to sink your teeth into. A three out of five, I'd say.

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