21 April 2013

Sunday links #9

1 Thigh Deep
I found Caroline Mackintosh through It's Nice That, where they showcased some of her (skinny dipping) Thigh Deep set. Clicking through and onto her website, I've fallen in love with every set - from Baby In The Burbs and its aching summer vibe, to Brash Upholstery with its 60s nod.

2 Making something out of nothing
Thomas Lamadieu has been looking at things in a different way - rather than working with what he's got, he works with what he hasn't - space. His Sky Art project puts deciphering clouds to shame by illustrating the empty spaces between buildings. Is that a man riding a dog? How about a chicken sporting an Elvis quiff and double denim playing the ukulele? What do you see when you look up?

3 The Curious Explorer
I'm a little jealous; these gorgeous illustrations are taken from Marc Martin's new childrens' book The Curious Explorer's Illustrated Guide to Exotic Animals A-Z. Coupling colourful interpretations with Latin names, this is more than just your average picture pop-up.

4 Get Lucky
After a long hiatus, Daft Punk are about to release their new album ..., a collaboration with Chic's Nile Rodgers (a legend in his own right). After a lot of teasing on SNL and at Coachella, Daft Punk's first release is Get Lucky featuring the smooooth vocals of Pharrell, and the irresistible disco vibe from Nile. There's been rumours that disco is going to be the next big thing (again) with finger-on-the-pulse-DJs shifting away from dubstep and house to get a little bit funky - here's Skream getting in on the act... I, for one, am definitely not complaining...

5 Wine-oh!
Having grown up in a house where wine at dinner was never out-of-bounds, and then working in restaurants for almost 10 years, I've had a lot of exposure to not just the gluggable contents but also the bottles and packaging. Paul Belford's just branded the packaging of two of France's most famous wines, on behalf of their UK importer, Waddesdon Wine. The effortlessly simple and suave boxes, logos and books scream decadence and the bottles themselves come wrapped in bible paper marked with old maps of the vineyards (Chateaux Lafite and Mouton Rothschild, to be precise).

I couldn't help but include this amazing Biblioburro (Donkey Library) below. Who needs those big yellow buses when you've got these cuties?


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