22 April 2013

Saturday Sun

As the sun shone and the temperature climbed, we cut through ever-busy Broadway Market (which is on our doorstep), ambled/cycled/skated down the canal path and spent the day in Victoria Park. Lunch was sausage rolls as big as your fist from infamous The Ginger Pig and generous fish and chips from the Fish House (the specials looked super tasty and affordable) in Victoria Park Village. A pocket of bars, restaurants and shops, the Village is a little E9 haven - if you're ever in the area, grab a bottle from Bottle Apostle and take it across the road to The Empress, where my friend's the chef-de-partie and the food is divine.

The boys decided to head to Vogue Fabrics in Dalston and after a lot of deliberation, a minor breakdown about my appearance, some predrinks and a 'photoshoot', we headed out. I departed from my usual look of messy hair and nude lips to a radical (for me) hair up and berry pout style...accompanying my whiter-than-white complexion. We went to 'Pop', a predictably saccharine night, which was all very much fun and games...until my phone was stolen. Cue a rather instantaneous reduction in nightly enjoyment, a walk home (no buses or taxis), calls to the police (and later insurance and O2).

Cliched (and horrendous) as it may be, I've been without my phone for about 36 hours and I'm starting to feel a little lost. It's a rather shameful admission that most of my 'life' is on it, and how much I rely on it - from checking my Instagram to checking my calendar, for example. My boss has lent me his old iPhone (the office spare) and so I'm not going to be incommunicado for too much longer, but I do have to wait over a week for my replacement - not a happy bunny. 

But can I really be sad when I have a four day week and next weekend is being spent in Newquay at Pleasure Principle? I think not.

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