14 July 2013

Sunday links #13

1 Raw Duck
One of my favourite little spots in Soho has just opened up in Hackney and I'm dying to go. Their website isn't up yet but their Twitter gives you an idea of the daily-changing menu. Last time I went to their big sister (Duck Soup on Dean Street) we polished off bone marrow on toast, lardo, octopus in paprika and washed it down with a gorgeous bottle of chilled beaujolais.

2 Sandy
I'm very much in the holiday mood, having seen endless snaps popping up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. My first summer break (yep, I'm going away twice) is in under a month and I'm counting down the days until I have a cocktail in hand, a tan on the way and the sand under my feet. This cheeky little stop-motion animation can't help but make you smile.

3 Vinyl Revival
Vinyl's well and truly having a comeback. With this year's RSD ramming Berwick Street, it's not hard to see why music lovers are harking back to the good old days of stylus and spin. The first of its kind, not-for-profit The Vinyl Library has opened in Stoke Newington this week. From an initial membership of just £1, there's a whole host of records ready to explore.

4 Cheese please
The latest series from ptohograhpies puts stilton (and others) in the spotlight, putting tempting curds on gorgeous marbled backgrounds.

5 Single-serve Tumblr of the day
Some genius has taken snippets of emails within his company and attached them to relevant photos for a whimsical look at office life. Some of my favourites include this one about the pig and this request for trousers...What's yours?

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