30 August 2013


There's something about the weeks after a Bank Holiday Monday that seem to throw you out of kilter and slip by torturously slowly. Even though it's been a four day week, I feel that I've been working forever and my head can't get round that Tuesday was Tuesday and not something else... So the only way to remedy this, naturally, is to partake in Thursday-is-the-new-Friday drinks.

We headed down to Graphic in Golden Square. Suitably busy, finding a spot to stand in outside was a game of cat-and-mouse but it was far too nice an evening to waste it indoors. Instead, we ducked in and out of the busy industrial-style bar and soaked up the last of the sunshine until darkness drove us inside.

Graphic is host to over 180 different types of gin - apparently the biggest collection in the UK - and they even host a fortnightly Juniper Club, offering tastings for all you gin afficionados out there. Despite being faced with a huge bank of bottles to choose from, I went for mojitos - starting with a traditional one, then raspberry and finally a spiced version that I used to make.

After dark, we headed inside and took residence in one of the comfy sofas as a DJ mixed Prince with Chromeo, Luther Vandross with Daft Punk - I was in my element. It's a really laid back place with a creative vibe matched by the crowd and the decor provided by revolving urban artists. It's one of those 'on trend' industrial style places that seem pretty popular at the moment, but don't let concrete and metal grilles put you off, this place is all smiles with a three out of five

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  1. Looks like such a nice place! I'm not a massive fan of gin actually, but I totally know what you mean about bank holiday's throwing your complete week off!


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