15 August 2013

Return to Witch Mountain: Oxo Tower Bar & Madison

Sometimes some places make such an impression, you can't help but head back for a second visit. Last night was one of those occasions, the Oxo Tower Bar and Madison the locations.

My first foray into the Oxo Tower Bar was a few months ago, on a beautifully hot sunny Sunday. We stood out on the terrace and soaked up the sunshine. Last night was a little different. The drizzle had already set in and gone were the blue skies, to be replaced by cloud so close it shrouded the City. So we settled in at the bar, no longer lamenting the previously fortunate few who'd been given tables, as we had stools and prime access to the chipper bar staff.

We took it slow, as it was a school night after all, but between us sampled the Pleasure Boat (which comes in a tiki cup and reminded me of the cocktail-in-a-suitcase from Floripa), the Raspberry Gin Daisy and The Big Smoke (definitely an experience, and perhaps not to be repeated).

From there, we had one at Madison, One New Change. The rain held off at this point so we made the most of the illuminated views of St Paul's before ducking into the restaurant. Drinks were still flowing and going strong at half ten, with new parties turning up to take up table bookings, and a few people a little worse for wear. It's a great place and the food sounds tempting, although we didn't indulge on this occasion.

With so many places to explore in London, I'm trying to not make a habit of religiously returning to stalwarts but these two bars are fast becoming firm favourites and so the rules can be broken, right?

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