11 October 2013

Meat Mission: round II

Sometimes all you really need in life is a really dirty burger. There's no shortage of places promising them these days, but once bitten by the Meat Mission bug, it's hard to shake.

I went in the summer - read about it here - ordering the Green Chili Cheeseburger with moreish tangy slaw and fries. This time I went for something else. Namely The Dead Hippie burger. 2 mustard-fried beef patties, dead hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions. In the trusty soft white bun, on the trademark red-and-white burger paper.

As mentioned before, Meat Mission burgers are two hands, messy, dripping, needing-that-roll-of-kitchen-paper affairs. But that's the fun. It was an evening to catch up with uni friends so none of us ever need to stand on ceremony, instead reaching across trays and tables to swipe fries and dip sauces. This time round, I also ordered the fried pickles - which I'm still thinking about today. The perfectly crunchy, sweet yet sour side that scream out for the accompanying blue cheese dip.

We washed our food down with the 3 pint jugs of Vedett, a blonde beer, and a Tipped Velvet cocktail (a concoction of red wine, cognac and some other fruity delights that perfectly complemented the red wine I'd been drinking earlier - just how did he know?!)

I always say it but I am meaning to venture out and consume my bodyweight in burgers elsewhere. But for now, the hype machine is still working its magic and Meat Mission round two was another success. A slightly better experience than last time I went - those fried pickles just do it for me - these badboy burgers get a four out of five.


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