10 October 2013

This Charming Man

For my 22nd birthday, my mum bought me a bracelet and about a week later, in the midst of moving out of my last university house, managed to break it. I was heartbroken. And over 2 years later, being the slight sap that I am, I managed to find something slightly similar (similar charm, similar colour) and snapped it up.

Whilst I often covet the jewellery stands in store and online, I still find I'm pretty particular and come away empty handed more often than not. My favourite website to browse (and get seriously close to whipping my card out for) is Black Tied. The perfect mix of chunky chains, the right shade of turquoise and a bit of iconography thrown in for good measure.

But, for now, my little elephant has joined my two never-take-them-off Tiffany bracelets (both presents, the chain from my parents for my 21st, and the band from my ex) and I'm pleased as punch. It's supposed to be a wish bracelet (when the string breaks, the wish will come true) but it's far too sweet to hope for that to happen so my wish is for it stay on as long as possible. They're a mere snip on eBay and you can choose charm and colour to your heart's content.


  1. Aww it's so sweet, I love simple bracelets & your three look beautiful together <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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