8 November 2013


I'll admit it, I'm obsessed. When Triptease invited me to have a look around their new take on a travel review site, I jumped at the chance. Described as a cross between TripAdvisor and Instagram but better, and as someone who's had the opportunity to travel a bit and is always trying to stave off the perpetual wanderlust, anything that lets me live vicariously through incredible photographs and tried-and-tested recommendations wins my vote. But that's the thing, there's not much out there. TripAdvisor leaves me cold, and Lonely Planet and Rough Guide are great but not nuanced enough...so up steps Triptease to bridge a gap in the market.

Triptease believes 'travel reviews are a decade out of date. Travel, perhaps the most photo-worthy of all pastimes, is overrun with dull, anonynmous text reviews. It's time for a makeover. We put photographs at the heart of Triptease. The process is easy but the result is powerful.' And powerful it is. The whole site brims with the most gorgeous photographs and insider knowledge from those who've been-there-done-that. The creative in me absolutely adores the slick and simple design of the website. No fuss, no frills, just really clean lines and effortless user experience. 

I'm just getting started but I've already added some teasers to my profile (click the image above). As my bank balance won't quite allow me to venture overseas again quite yet, I'm starting with what I know best and mixing up some of my recent reviews from here on thenotsosecretdiary, and adding them to my profile. But wait - I'll be uploading some of my favourite places abroad as part of some new collections. 

Talking of collections, you can go absolutely wild. The homepage (currently featuring me!) throws up editor's picks for you to dive into and add to your own 'I want to go there!' wishlists. Triptease is a network for people to share their travel experiences, tips and tricks, so jump in, chat to those in the know and maybe you'll find your next holiday destination? I know I definitely will.


  1. Becks,
    Thank you so much for the kind write-up. We're delighted that you've become a fan. We have a huge list of things to improve and tweak, I hope you feel it just keeps on getting better.
    Thanks again
    Charlie (Chief Tease).

  2. This site looks fab, I usually try finding blog reviews of places I want to visit as I much prefer seeing the photo's. Definitely going to give Triptease a try!


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