9 January 2014

Boho Mexica

After a busy day that involved a client visit to Bournemouth, I rushed across town to join friends for Amy's birthday at Boho Mexica. A Latino lounge in Shoreditch, you'll find it tucked next to Hawskmoor but the two are worlds apart.

Start with the tortilla chips (homemade, of course) and chunky guacamole whilst you decide whether you're brave enough to go in for a shot of mezcal. We decided we weren't (but bought one for the birthday girl) and instead went for bottles of the house sangiovese and cerveza stalwart, Corona. Forgoing the starters - which sounded delicious - we dove straight into the main menu. It's a little tricky to work out quite what you'll be getting, despite the printed descriptions, but we all chanced it and ended up hugely satisfied.

I went for the La Toluquena Quesadilla - white flour tortillas, stuffed with melted cheese and homemade chorizo verde, with black bean and sauteed chipotle salsa (warning: spicy). Served on a huge plate with a salad (got to have some greenery on there somewhere, right?!), this was more than enough for me - although I did manage to polish the whole lot off, let's just blame it on the travelling. Other people opted for the enchiladas, which were chicken and served with a choice of salsa verde (less spicy) or salsa roja (spicy). And when these Mexicans tell you it's spicy, they mean it. Ashley went for the sauteed octopus and calamari with chipotle chili and onions, that come served with fresh mini tortillas for your own wrapping experience. These aren't your Wacaha wonders, these are definitely the dishes that your Mexican mama would serve up.

The service was a little slow to start but then nicely attentive once we'd ordered. The music's Mexicana but you might recognise some tunes in there and the vibe's very relaxed. It's a busy little place so may be worth booking whenever you feel a little need for some Latino loving.

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  1. Ah this is going straight on my list of places to eat. Maybe even to the top spot!


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