15 January 2014

Chez nous

I've been a bit low-key the past week. The combination of the dreaded days before payday (although I do have more money in my account than I expected) and the exhausting first week back after the Christmas break (coupled with working late every night) has meant that adventures haven't been on the cards as much.

Instead, I've been cosying up with Netflix and scented candles with the cutest burner, and rustling up some semi-healthy dinners with the contents of my freezer. On Saturday, we bundled up and headed down to Borough Market and came home armed with fresh baguettes, creamy Bleu de Gex, the best mushroom pate, comte and the most incredible salted caramel fudge I've ever had. As well as fresh veg from the market stalls, of course. And a chicken burger. Just because. We then feasted for the rest of the day in the living room, cracking open the red wine in front of films and finishing the night with an impromptu dance party in the kitchen. Just like old times.


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