27 January 2014

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

I love this weather; the clear skies and crisp air that leaves your breath frosting behind you and being able to wrap up in a million layers and a thick, chunky scarf. But what's not loving it as much is my skin.

I'm really lucky with my skin, it's what's described as 'normal' most of the year with very few breakouts and even rarer blemishes. But this weather has been drying it out, and coupled with my love of matte foundations, my everyday Liz Earle moisturiser just isn't enough to keep my skin looking as healthy as it should be. So I've stepped it up a notch and invested in Illamasqua's Hydra Veil.

I first heard about it last year when I fancied a payday treat after a wander down to the South Bank. I came away with the Skin Base foundation, Masquara and the new Sculpturing Power Duo (all of which have glowing reviews) but had been intrigued by the strange gel-like primer make-up artist Helena applied first of all. I'd never seen anything like it.

So last week, I went back to Selfridges for another treat and headed straight for this. In the signature monochrome packaging, this is unlike anything you've probably seen before. It's a clear gel-like formula that is designed to act as a primer, setting your base whilst simultaneously hydrating. Having used the miniature spoon to scoop up the perfect amount, the gel glides on to the skin in a cooling, hydrating sweep that'll be really refreshing in the summer. Colourless, it produces a flawless complexion and an immaculate finish with that slight touch of inner glow.

Applying foundation over the top is a dream. The hydrated, smooth finish means less pulling and wear on the skin and helps to really set the foundation without it looking cakey. For someone that likes the mattest of matte finishes, I wasn't sure if this was going to make me look too dewy - but in fact, it just gives that slight lift on these wintry days, and it's perfectly complemented by the Sculpting Power Duo for those contoured cheekbones.

At £27.00 for 30ml, it's not the cheapest of primers but it works wonders in the winter and it gives you that little bit extra love that even Benefit's Porefessional can't deliver.

Second photo from Glamour

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