31 March 2014

Five for...fashion

The third week of my reinvented 'Five for...' series brings me on to fashion. The world is awash with fashion bloggers and sometimes I feel it's a bit of a dirty word. As someone who hates being in front of the camera, I won't be uploading proper outfits of the day anytime soon (although I admire those who do), I find that I'm really choosy with the fashion blogs I follow. I'm not a huge fan of these huge editorial style outfit posts skipping across cityscapes, and I can't help but be distracted if someone's bedroom shots catch their floordrobe.

But what makes me follow a fashion blogger, of course, is their style. I'm constantly looking for inspiration and have bits and pieces pinned all over the place that I sift through each morning before getting dressed. I know what I like to wear (black, a lot of the time) and the styles and trends that suit me so I'm always drawn towards girls who are rocking a similar vibe. No baby pink or sports luxe here.

1 The Little Magpie
Amy's a girl after my own heart. A fairly standard colour palette, heeled boots, leather jackets and fedoras all have The Little Magpie on my go-to list. Amy manages to put together some killer outfits that are achingly cool and right up my street. And her hair? Is it possible to have a crush on hair?! She's also branching out into YouTube and while I'm not a big fan of videos, this lady is one funny girl who makes a damn good watch.

2 Charlotte Martin
I think of Charlotte as my fashion twin. She's all about the monochrome, boots and leather jacket (can you see there's a pattern emerging?) and mixing them up with textures, layers, lace and some seriously awesome hair. She keeps it simple but fresh and I find myself pinning practically every outfit of hers because I know I can pull together a similar ensemble from my own wardrobe. 

3 Fashion Slave
Sophie's blog, Fashion Slave, combines great backdrops with some seriously awesome outfits. Mixing up two pieces with jumpsuits, pastels with brights, her photos ooze sass. I'm always finding at least one item to covet in everything she posts and it challenges me to push my own style that little bit further. And if there's anyone who can pull off a silver bomber jacket, it's Sophie.

4 London's Closet
As if one super stylish blogger wasn't enough, London's Closet features two. Twin sisters Shope and Shore have a devilish sense of style and an eye for killer combinations, whether its mesh joggers or quilted skirts. Obviously they each have their own go-tos when it comes to dressing and I can never decide who I want to emulate more. 

Lily's one of the best known bloggers in the UK right now and somehow manages to run two blogs full-time alongside working with a multitude of fashion and beauty brands. Lily's style is effortless, mixing lots of black (my kinda girl) with textures and pops of colour, that I find I can easily work into my own wardrobe. Having recently also chopped my hair off to a similar length, I'm constantly turning to Lily to see how to work the sheared bob and still look just as sassy. Kudos to this girl, she's got it going on.

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  1. I love finding new blogs to follow and these girls have great style! Thanks for the post :)

    Rachel | AMomentInTime.


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