24 March 2014

Five for...food

Following on from last week's Five for... this week, it's the turn of the gourmands. The foodies, the bakers, the chefs, the booze bloggers, the taste testers - whatever you call them, these guys are after my own heart.

1 Cocktails and Caroline
Caroline's blog is one of my most recent finds, along with Laura's below. Caroline (right in the picture below) is on a one-woman mission to track down the best places in London, be it bar or bakery. Her regular reviews have me adding to my 'where I need to try' list every time she posts and she's not afraid to tell you what works and what doesn't. She also posts recipes from time to time (baking's her day job), as well as her holiday adventures, but I just love the occasional appearances from the brilliantly named, Jimmy Chew, fluffy Keeshond extraordinaire.

2 Heroine in Heels
Another London lady (left in the photo above), Laura's Heroine in Heels is chock-a-block with new openings and new ideas. That new restaurant you want to try? She's been. That spinning-meets-clubbing thing you've heard about? She's been there, done that. Glamourpuss to the end, Laura's trying out London one stilettoed step at a time.

3 How Sweet It Is
Onto the cooks and the recipe radicals. Jessica's How Sweet It Is is a riot of beautifully photographed recipes that don't frighten you away. I find that some food bloggers' how-tos are confusing or just unappetising - not so here. The beautifully photographed food just cries out to be made, whether it's a fancy take on avocado on toast or a boozy Lucky Charms cereal milkshake with marshmallow frosting (yes, really), I've got enough recipes pinned to last me a lifetime.

4 A Beautiful Mess
Everyone's favourite start-up duo, Elsie and Emma's A Beautiful Mess is a one-stop shop for everything from fashion to food, DIY to decor, and their drink recipes are to die for. With twists on firm favourites, party ideas and things to make for friends, there's something for everyone no matter how good (or bad) you are in the kitchen.

5 What To Cook Tonight
Father-daughter duo Andrew and Sophie have launched their long awaited site that combines their respective loves of food and photography into the most perfect little resource. Healthy but indulgent menus are available to buy at a teeny price and they often throw in some even more ideas to inspire you on your culinary quest. Their instagram feed is one to follow now too.

Next week, my five favourite fashion bloggers.

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