26 May 2014

Secret Cinema: Miller's Crossing

Surely you've heard the latest? The 88mph buzz. It's been everywhere. Immersive cinema production company Secret Cinema are building a life-size replica of Hill Valley, the town where much-loved Back To The Future began.

And so it seemed fitting that I could finally talk about my Secret Cinema, back in April. Way back in deepest, darkest winter my friend James badgered me about buying a ticket. He'd been to four or five before with his girlfriend, Lauren, and was adamant I should come to the next one. I'll admit, I was intrigued but £50 for a cinema ticket sounded like something even a fool wouldn't fall for.

But let me stop there for a second and give you a bit of background. Secret Cinema was born in 2007 from a desire to challenge the mundane movie-going experience. Creator Fabien Riggall builds 'elaborate, site-specific worlds...where the lines between reality and fiction are increasingly blurred'. A film is chosen and the work begins behind the scenes to build a storyline that'll immerse the ticketholder in a whole new way. Everything's hugely hush hush - there must be some serious NDAs going down - to keep the surprise and magic for the last participant just as special as for the first.

James had been to a few before, notably the showing of Prometheus before it was released in cinemas and The Shawshank Redemption, where he had to strip down to his basics to be sorted for his crimes so his constant urging to buy a ticket had to be for good reason. Ticket bought, we waited patiently for our April slot.

Regular emails keep you tantalisingly hooked. Unlike the 'Secret Cinema Presents...' runs (of which Back To The Future is one, and the very popular The Grand Bupadest Hotel is another), the original Secret Cinema stays secret. With no idea of what you'll be seeing, you're fed snippets of information such as dress codes and propaganda all to be squirrelled away until the big day.



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