13 February 2015

Five Guys

I'm a little late to the party, I know, but I finally made it to Five Guys. After a very disappointing experience at Floridita (the three tiniest bowls of 'tapas' for £9), we were still ravenous and had our sights on losing this particular burger virginity.

You know the story - rock up to the bar, order from a relatively short but sweet menu and add as many topping as you want for free. We started with a cheeseburger then loaded up with tomato, fried onions, relish, mustard, mayo, lettuce and pickles and took it away in its brown paper bag to devour greedily.

This is obviously not your high-end high-brow food establishment and it's not about to win a Michelin star but it does fast food well and it doesn't break the bank. Yes, it's a few more pennies than your McDonald's Saver Menu but the brown paper bag looks ever so slightly more chic on the post-night out bus ride home.

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